Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Veil

And then the veil was pulled over my head.
I'd been groomed all my life for it.Yet,
I felt un-cocooned under it.
Following these customs was new.
A deep hatred ensued for those separated from me
By a single layer of obscurity,
A helpless sympathy for those separated by two.
To disobey leads to rebukes from my own,
Let alone the humiliation and punishment set by those in power.
With time you pull the veil closer.
To conceal your face, cause you failed to abolish the system.
Its like you try to cover a hole in your dress.
Again and again your hand makes feeble,disguised attempts to hide it.
To hide how you couldn't stitch it up.
And then you pull the veil down over your head.

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