Monday, April 18, 2011


I stand alone, trying to be a face in the crowd,
Talking to my own shadow,
Singing with my own soul,
Like an unseen star in the sky,
Like a barren island in the ocean,
I stand alone,

I stand alone under the tree’s shadow,
Trying to cover myself in the rain,
But even the envious leaves allow the drops to fall,
The raindrops of jealousy and hatred…

I stand alone like an empty glass,
Waiting to be filled by the love of others,
But a simple push can completely shatter me,
And even among the pieces, my heart rests alone…

Like a bird in the sky, I fly alone,
Trying to find heaven in the sky,
But it is limitless, and I, a mere mortal,
Gets lost in the vacuum of that world……

I stand alone like a helpless idol of god,
Watching everything but can do nothing,
Few thanks me and few curses me,
Even when sinners ask for blessings, my hands rise alone….

 The world packed in a room with no doors,
The lonely window on the side is open,
Everyone crushes the other to catch the only hope,
But being frightened, I stand back alone….

Like a sole leaf on the dying tree, I stand alone,
The wind, with its power, tries to separate me,
I cry in despair, I scream in pain,
But even on the verge of death, I fight alone….

I swim alone in the dreams of mine,
The only place where I can’t cry,
Drowning alone in the pool of happiness,
But a touch, brings me back to my reality………

The reality where I fight the world everyday,
The reality where I fight the inner self,
The reality where I try to find myself……

Even in the crowd, I feel like I stand alone,
Loneliness grips me like the dark night,
In the sorrow, I stand alone,
And in the happiness too, I stand alone…………

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