Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Story to Tell......

Once I was sitting lonely under the tree, a leaf came towards me. He was upset. He was crying. He was searching for the answers.  Why was he just left out to die? Why the nature played with him like this? Why, one day, suddenly without warning was he thrown off around the same place where it nurtured its life? I was dumbstruck. I had no answers to it. May be because, I was searching for the same answers. Why is life such complex? Why all of us aren’t happy at the same time? Finally, in the shadows of loneliness, I had a friend. He became my best friend. I was happy to be with him. I played with him, he used to run and I tried to catch him. Sometimes even the wind used to play with us. We both were happy.
                                                 But suddenly, a storm came and snatched him from my hands. It took the only thing I ever loved. I was again back to my loneliness, sitting under the tree, trying to solve the mysteries of life, thinking, crying and sometimes laughing at the nature. And all the questions that we raised together were lost forever.

Next day, I was sleeping under the same tree. A leaf again came down and moved along my hands.  It woke me up. He smiled at me. He was happy. He had no regrets, no expectations and no grudges against anyone. I was annoyed to see him smile. I was angry to see that he wasn’t upset. I mean he had just lost his life and was thrown off to rot in his last days. I asked him why was he so glad? He replied, “I am happy because I want to be. I had a fantastic life and I don’t want to end it being miserable. I want to be happy even though my death approaches me. I don’t want to cry because my tears are valuable, because god gave us life to enjoy and death to be gracefully accepted, and I had enjoyed every bit of my life. Now I just want to rest in peace”.
                                                 This time I smiled. Because now I understand that life is all about you. It’s how you wish it to be. It’s all about how you perceive it, how you think about it. Life experiences are like a game where you juggle many balls, made of rubber. One or two may be dropped but it still bounces back and you continue with the game. Life is not a race but it is a journey to be loved at every step of it.
                          This time again a strong wind took away the leave. But still I was happy...

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